Those censored paragraphs

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(iv) It was reported that a new series of interviews was conducted by the United States authorities prior to May 2002 as part of a new strategy designed by an expert interviewer
(v) It was reported that at some stage during that further interview process by the United States authorities, BM [Binyam Mohamed] had been intentionally subjected to continuous sleep deprivation. The effects of the sleep deprivation were carefully observed.
(vi)  It was reported that combined with the sleep deprivation, threats and inducements were made to him. His fears of being removed from United States custody and “disappearing” were played upon.
(vii) It was reported that the stress brought about by these deliberate tactics was increased by him being shackled during his interviews;
(viii) It was clear not only from the reports of the content of the interviews but also from from the report that he was being kept under self-harm observation, that the interviews were having a marked effect upon him and causing him significant mental stress and suffering.
(ix) We regret to have to conclude that the reports provided to the SyS made clear to anyone reading them that BM was being subjected to the treatment that we have described and the effect upon him of that intentional treatment.
(x) The treatment reported, if it had been administered on behalf of the United Kingdon, would clearly have been in breach of the undertakings given by the United Kingdon in 1972. Although it is not necessary for us to categorise the treatment reported, it could readily be contended to be at the very least cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of BM by the United States Authorities.

For the full text of the published judgment, go to 

Government ministers are delighted that the firm attitude of the security services has been drawn to public attention. No pussyfooting around – just get the Yanks to torture anyone (as long as they don’t have a white skin) until they squeal. This is the lesson of a thousand films. Unfortunately, a few of them like the unfortunate BM are able to tell them nothing, due to the fact they are not involved in terrorism and so know nothing of interest to the spooks.

It’s BM’s own fault for not inventing a few lies like the others did. Speaking truth to power is often not in one’s own interest. Collateral damage results. He could have mentioned a few names and avoided genital mutilation simply by grassing up other innocent people. That’s how policing and security works.

But it’s all grist to the mill of the British State, and the government in particular. The revelations will gain more votes for the government than they lose following the final desertion of the few remaining pathetic liberals who might still have voted for them in spite of all that has happened since 1997.

It’s lucky there’s not much actual threat, since the security services in their utter incompetence can only encourage would-be terrorists.


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